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Open show
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Royal Miniature Horse Farm

I have a show planned for the last Sunday of September each year.  Below is the tenative showbill.  Please check back in August for any final changes.  Thanks for stopping by.  Looking forward to seeing you at the show. 

13th Annual

Royal Miniature Horse Farm Open Mini Show (Horses & Donkeys)

Date: September 26th 2010.    Time: 9:00am Judge : to be announced

Where: Wellington Ohio, Lorain County Fair Grounds


Classes entry fee $5.00ea.  Or 10 classes for 45$, special price pertains to any "one horse handler combo".  Placings from 1st through 5th.


Yes it is FINALLY HERE.  The 2010 Line up has finally been finished.  Hope to see you there!!!

 1. Jr. Mare 2 and under mini
2. Sr. Mare 3 & over ( 34 inches and Under) “A” mini
3. Sr. Mare 3 & over ( over 34 inches to 38 inches) “B” mini***Grand Champion Mare*****
4. Spotted mare mini,Shetland,donkey,draft
5. Solid Mare mini, Shetland,donkey,draft
6. Shetland mare any age
7. Jr. Stallion 2 and under mini
8. Sr. Stallion 3 & over all sizes “A” & “B” mini
***Grand Champion Stallion***
9. Spotted Stallion mini, Shetland,donkey,draft
10. Solid Stallion mini ,Shetland,donkey,draft
11. Shetland Stallion and Gelding any age
12. Draft Type mini( any sex, not to show in any other halter )
13. Jr. Gelding 2 and under mini
14. Sr. Gelding 3 & over ( 34 inches and under ) “A” mini
15. Sr. Gelding 3 & over ( over 34 inches to 38 ) “B” mini*** Grand Champion Gelding***
16. Spotted Gelding mini, Shetland,donkey,draft17. Solid gelding mini, Shetland,donkey,draft

#####SUPREME HALTER OVER ALL “MINIATURE” from classes 1,2,3,7,8,12,13,14,15,

#########Champion Shetland###### from classes 6&11

18.   Donkey Halter ( not to show in any other halter)

****Donkey Champion to be awarded****

19. PMC halter/showmanship mini,Shetland,donkey,draft ^^^^^ LUNCH BREAK^^^^^^
20. Pee Wee Halter handler 8 yr & under mini,Shetland,donkey,draft
21. Barrels mini,Shetland,donkey,draft
22. Lead Line Rider 8 yr & under mini,Shetland,donkey,draft
23. Pretty Face ( horse to wear sheet/blanket) mini,Shetland,donkey,draft
24. Adult Showmanship ( 18 & over) mini,Shetland,donkey,draft
25. Youth Showmanship (9 to 13) mini,Shetland,donkey,draft
26. Youth Showmanship (14 to 17) mini,Shetland,donkey,draft
27. Treat Dunking mini,Shetland,donkey,draft

^^^^Short BREAK for Hitching^^^^
28. Shetland driving any sex
29. Driving Youth ( 17 and under ) Mini
30. Driving Adult ( 18 and over ) Mini
31. Draft Single Hitch ( 2 or 4 wheel cart/wagon ) draft mini
32. Obstacle ( horse 1 year or older ) mini,Shetland,donkey,draft
33. Jumping ( timed event)( horse 3 years and over ) mini,Shetland,donkey,draft
34. IT’S A SECRET race, you might get wet! mini,Shetland,donkey,draft

Entry Fee of $5.00 per class, ribbons 1st through 5th Back number fee or $1.00 each #Youth 17 and under, Adult 18 and overOne horse per handler per class in classes 21,27, 32, 33, 34To participate in highpoint you must show same handler with same horse for qualifying classesPlease…No cross entering of Draft style to regular mini in : Halter or driving. Shetland may enter own halter and driving, also may NOT enter mini halter classes or may not enter 29, 30 or 31Classes subject to be combined with like class if less than 5 entriesBoots are REQUIRED, show attire is appreciatedANY YOUTH riding or driving is REQUIRED to wear a HELMETPlease know your back number when adding classesGive the office a “2” classes notice of any tack changesMeasuring available before show startsNotice: if show is running slow please be advised that the breaks could be cut shortFor more info please contact: Tracey Dodsley 440-774-1653,

Royal Miniature Horse Farm
Oberlin Ohio