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Royal Miniature Horse Farm

Below are the horses we offer forsale at this time.  If there are no horses listed, please check back from time to time.  We have a large handful of foals due this spring. 






Mary is a black bay pinto 2005, 33.25 inches. $500.00. Currently has a buckskin pinto colt by her side.  He was born April 1st. Her picture is on the MARES page. AMHR
Sheik is a well put together stallion ( seen on stallions page)  He is a red and white pinto.  Has two blue eyes.  Nice to handle and has won many many championships in the past three years.  He is AMHR and 33 inches tall.  He can trot and would make a nice cart horse.  Geld him for a youth. Asking $650.00 or $550.00 with gelding contract.
Gambler is a AMHR yearling colt.  He is a palomino pinto.  He is sired by Sheik listed above.  He is well put together.  I retained him for breeding and have since decided to keep a colt from this year.  He will make a nice herd sire as well as a super gelding.  Asking $300.00
Dakota ( seen on mares page ) is a grey pinto mare.  She is AMHR asking $500.00.  she is due to foal anytime.  if she has a colt she sells with colt for $500.00.   If she has a filly I plan to keep the filly for now.  She will be available after foaling if she has a colt.  IF she has a filly she will be available after weaning.  She is a good mother and easy foaler. 
Gracie, is a small pony mare ( not registered ).  I estimate she is about 38+ inches tall. she is a red chestnut.  She is green broke to drive.  Would be easy to break to ride.  She is easy going.  She has been to the county fair.  Asking $500.00 OBO
Golden is a 27 inch yearling AMHA silverbay colt.  Super refined and very classy.  Would make a small sized breeder a nice herd sire.  Or anyone a nice gelding.  Asking $1500.00 . This colt is extremely well bred.  Buckeroo and more.   
Jubilee is a black pinto.  She has some appy charecteristics.  Stripped hoof, modeling on face and under tail.  Also snowflake blanket on her black area on rump.  She is bred to Hunter for 2011.  She is an easy foaler.  AMHR registered.  Sells for $800.00
Bonnet, is a yearling bay pinto, lots of white.  Two blue eyes.  AMHR.  Should mature around 30 inches.  She is sweet and love attention.  She sells for $600.00.
Please come see these horses.  You just cant appreciate them in pictures.
None of the above listed horses are culls.  I need to slim the herd.  Hay and grain prices are not what they used to be.  Getting harder to keep them all fat.  Would give discount on package deals or three or more horses.  Discount for 4-H kids.   Mares can be bred to choice stallion. 



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Royal Miniature Horse Farm
Oberlin Ohio